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Corrections Division

Lake County Sheriffs Office Corrections Division
104 East Erie Street    Painesville, Ohio 44077
Phone:  (440)350-5601

            The Lake County Adult Detention Facility, opened in January 1990, was designed to house a maximum of 353 beds. However, the jail has housed at times in excess of 400 inmates, often averaging 95 female inmates per day.


Questions Regarding Jail Operations and Inmate Services:​​​​​​
Frequently Asked Questions
Jail Medication Guidelines
GTL Inmate Phone Service
Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)
PREA Policy  
Visiting Attire/Dress Requirements
Visitation Schedule and Procedure 
Work Release Rules
Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Correction

Corrections Supervision

Deputy Captain Cynthia Brooks has served at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office since 1984, serving 4 years as a Corrections Sergeant, 20 years as a Corrections Lieutenant, and presently serves as Captain. As Captain she is responsible for overseeing the jail operations in policy development, training, CIT, Medical programming, Mental Health, Corrections Academy and other areas of operations. Captain Brooks has her Associates of Applied Science degree in the field of Criminal Justice, and is a graduate of Cleveland Heights Police Academy.  In 2007 she was a certified as a Jail Manager by the American Jail Association.  A 2006 graduate of the Police Executive Leadership college (PELC). Capt. Brooks has had extensive training in the field of Corrections through the National Institute of Corrections on jail management, team building, working with women offenders and their families.  As well she has instructed at the Corrections Academy on issues of jail management, diversity, and numerous aspects of operations.  She is recognized nationally for her development of the W.I.T.T.S. program (Women in Transition Through Support).  She serves on the Lake County Community Corrections Board, the Lake County Metropolitan Housing Board, and as chairman of WITTS. Captain Brooks is a 2015 graduate from the Ohio Certified Law Enforcement Executive Program (CLEE) class of XIX. In addition to graduating from CLEE she received the Chief Michael Kallai award for excellence as the leader in academics and community service.

Corrections Captain Scott Simpson has been serving at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office since 2003, serving 5 years as a Corrections Sergeant, 4 years as a Corrections Lieutenant, and presently serves as Captain. As Captain he is responsible for overseeing daily jail operations, food service, hiring, maintenance and jail classification. Capt. Simpson is a graduate of the Corrections Academy, Transformational Development program, Certified CPR/First Aid Instructor, Jail Administrator’s School, and serves as an academy instructor in areas such as Community Diversity and Procedural Justice.

Corrections Command Staff

Lt. Benjamin Longbons
Shift Supervisor

Lt. Michele Prather
Shift Commander

Lt. Eric Vanjo
Shift Commander  

Inmate Programming Offered:

  • GED /  Library    
  • Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation 
  • Religious Services
  • Mental Health Counseling 
  • Medical Services
    • The jail’s medical program (mandated by State Law) includes care by a doctor, nurses, dentist, mental health counselor, and psychiatrist.
  • Food Services
    • The jail kitchen staff prepare all inmate meals  in-house.  The cooks prepare over 1,200 meals per day.  All meals are prepared based on a menu approved by the State Dietician.
  • Bible Study
  • Inmate Phones  ( ) 
  • Inmate Worker Programs
    • Inmate Workers (Trustees) do all of the cleaning in the facility, all laundry, clean in the kitchen area, paint , and wash all vehicles
  • Religious Services of all faiths
  • Family Development
  • Physical Development
  • Community Service
  • Work Release
  • AA & NA Meetings
  • W.I.T.T.S