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Concealed Carry Registration / Fingerprinting / Sexual Predator Notification

84 N. State St.(side entrance)
Painesville, Ohio  44077

Concealed Handgun License, Fingerprinting, Background Checks

Our online schedular only schedules up to 90 days in advance.  If you attempt to schedule an appointment and the scheduler shows there are no open appointments then we are currently booked out please feel free to keep checking back for any cancelations. Please note that the Governor DeWine signed House Bill 614 which extends the expiration date of Ohio Concealed Handgun Licenses that falls during the state of emergency in Ohio, declared by Executive Order 2020-01D.  

​If your concealed handgun license (CHL) is scheduled to expire between March 9, 2020 and June 30, 2021, the expiration date is extended by 90 days or until June 30, 2021, whichever is later.

Until June 30, 2021, you can apply for a Concealed Handgun License OR renew your Concealed Handgun License at ANY sheriff office in Ohio. You are not limited to your home county or an adjacent county.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.

Update on the New Concealed Handgun Constitutional Carry Law and its effect on citizens here in Lake County

Many people are inquiring about the changes in the law in Ohio concerning carrying a concealed handgun. While the changes in law will not take effect until June of 2022, Sheriffs across Ohio are studying the new law changes to make the appropriate updates to their CCW Offices. Here is what I can tell you so far:

Governor DeWine has signed into law SB 215, which has become known as the “Constitutional Carry” law. It will go into effect June 13, 2022. The law essentially makes the concealed handgun license optional. If you can legally carry or possess a handgun (disqualifying factors for carrying a CHL/CCW), you will be able to conceal it without a license, training requirement or background check as of June 13, 2022. Until that date, you still need a CHL/CCW License to carry a handgun concealed in Ohio.

This is a significant change for persons who live in Ohio who are over the age of 21 that would like to lawfully carry their handgun concealed but do not want to obtain a license to do so. The new law changes have also removed the requirement for those that carry a concealed handgun to promptly inform a law enforcement officer that they are Carrying a concealed handgun when they come into contact with a police officer. However, under the new law, if a law enforcement officer asks if you are carrying a handgun you must answer the officer truthfully.

As a supporter of the second amendment, I understand the importance of your rights to lawfully possess and carry firearms for personal protection or sporting purposes, if you choose. As your Sheriff, and a firearms owner, I am also an advocate of responsible and safe firearms handling. I continue to encourage all firearms owners, new or seasoned to consider attending firearms courses for safety and proficiency. I would also ask that if you are carrying a weapon on you, and find yourself in an interaction with law enforcement, that you voluntarily inform the officer as soon as possible for everyone’s safety.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide concealed handgun licensing to those who choose to obtain a license just as we have been for many years. The benefit to obtaining an Ohio Concealed Handgun License would be the ability to carry a concealed handgun in other states which Ohio has reciprocity agreements. A lack of a license may not permit you to carry in other states. While many States have gone to Constitutional Carry laws, just as many have not. North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida are not, so if you intend to carry concealed through those States you will need to have a CHL/CCW license. (You can easily reference who is a No Permit Carry State by visiting As well, there are many other benefits to having a CHL/CCW license such as a speedier process for background check when purchasing new firearms due to the checks already performed by a Sheriff’s Office when getting a CHL/CCW permit.

Our Lake County Sheriff’s Office administration has been reviewing the law and discussing the impending changes for a couple of weeks. It seems likely the number of licenses that we issue will decrease. As required by law we will continue offering Concealed Handgun Licensing services just as we have been. We will also be training deputies on the changes in the law. The training will consist of a legal update on the law itself. We will also train on how to address citizens during traffic stops and other encounters as it relates to the law. This may include deputies making inquiries about a citizen’s armed status. Interacting with citizens who are exercising their constitutional rights is nothing new for Lake County Deputies, and I do not anticipate any major issues at this point.

Sheriff Frank LeonbrunoNote:

To schedule an appointment to obtain a concealed handgun license go to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office website,

Concealed Handgun Licensing (CHL)

Individuals who wish to apply for a Concealed Handgun License may do so by clicking this link to schedule a required appointment, Schedule Appointment

Hours of operation are:

Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s    7:40am-4:00pm (Closed between 12-1)

Thursdays 11:30am-6:30pm (closed between 2:30-3:30)

The applicant must be at least 21 years of age when applying and bring the following information when they come in for their appointment.Failure to provide any of the below documentation at the applicants scheduled time may delay the process or the appointment maybe canceled.

First Time applicants need the following:

  • Completed current application.
  • Original or copy of training certificate OR credentials mentioned below for active duty or honorably discharged veterans.
  • Current Ohio Driver’s License or Ohio State ID, or any other current government issued identification.

1st Time renewals will need the following:

  • Completed current application.
  • Current Ohio Driver’s License or Ohio State ID or any other current government issued identification.
  • Concealed Handgun License (Valid or Expired) from any county in the State of Ohio OR original training certificate.

2nd Time renewals will need the following:

  • Completed current application.
  • Current Ohio Driver’s License or Ohio State ID or any other current government issued identification.
  • Concealed Handgun License (Valid or Expired) from any county in the State of Ohio OR original training certificate.




  • First time applicant, Ohio resident for 5 or more years:  $67.00
  • First time applicant, Ohio resident for less than 5 years:  $78.25
  • Renewals, Ohio resident for 5 or more years:  $50.00
  • Renewals, Ohio resident for less than 5 years:  $61.25
  • Emergency, Ohio resident for 5 or more years:  $37.00
  • Emergency, Ohio resident for less than 5 years:  $48.25.

Replacement for lost/stolen license a police report must be filed and brought in with you:  $15.00 fee.

  • Change of address: If you would like to change your address in our computer system and not receive another card you may fill this form and email or mail it to our office.
  • If you would like to receive a new card, then you must appear in our office and the fee is $15.00
  • Money Order
  • Certified bank check

Following methods of payment that are accepted for CHL are:

CASH, MONEY ORDER or CERTIFIED BANK CHECK are only forms of payment accepted.

Only Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula and Cuyahoga Counties may apply for a CHL through the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.New applications, renewals and temporary application forms can be downloaded from the link below or filled out at your appointment time,

The Sheriff’s Office has up to 45 days for processing of your application.  Upon processing completion, you will be contacted by phone and advised that your license is ready for pick up, unless the applicant signed a waiver and provided a self-addresses envelope with two forever stamps.  You will be contacted in writing by certified mail should your application be denied.

Any questions you may have concerning a Temporary Emergency Permit can be directed to Lake County Sheriff’s CHL Office at 440-350-5676 during normal business hours and afterhours may contact the Lake County Records Division 440-350-5620. Only person(s) residing in Lake County can apply for a Temporary Emergency Permit with our office.

Electronic Background Checks

(not for concealed handgun licensing)

If you are coming to have a Webcheck or Fingerprinting obtained these will still be taken on a walk-in basis. If you are coming in for a Webcheck for employment, please know where the background results are being mailed to and a have photo identification.

The fees are as follows:

  • BCI- $40.00
  • FBI- $40.00

Note: If you need both BCI and FBI- $80.00

Following methods of payment that are accepted for Electronic Backgroud Checks are:

CASH, MONEY ORDER or CERTIFIED BANK CHECK are only forms of payment accepted.