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Fraud Schemes

Cyber crime consists of specific crimes dealing with computers and networks (such as hacking) and the facilitation of traditional crime through the use of computers (child pornography, hate crimes, telemarketing /Internet fraud). In addition to cyber crime, there is also “computer-supported crime” which covers the use of computers by criminals for communication and document or data storage. While these activities might not be illegal in and of themselves, they are often invaluable in the investigation of actual crimes. Computer technology presents many new challenges to social policy regarding issues such as privacy, as it relates to data mining and criminal investigations.

Today a new frontier has grown throughout the world.  It is the vast new world of  wired and wireless communications.  Whether through our phone line, fax line, cell phone, or home computer criminals are continually refining their abilities to steal our money, our identity, or exploit our children and seniors.  Whether we call it cyber terrorism, espionage, SpoofingPhishing or any of a number of cyberage terms, such criminal acts are invading our homes and businesses at an alarming rate.

Our best defense is to be aware of the threats, to know the mind of these cyber predators, so that we are not their next victims.  Below you will find a number of excellent information cites on fraud schemes which law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as private businesses have developed to keep you informed.  We have researched these issues and found the following reference cites as informative and some of the best defenses you have against such crimes.

Sheriff Dan Dunlap 
Cyber Crime Overview