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Attorney’s office Information

Preparing the Confirmation for Filing 

  1. Contact the Treasurer’s Office at 440.350.2519 or you may e-mail your requests to [email protected]  to get a pro rated tax (ORC 323.47(B) amount on the real property. (Treasurer’s Office policy – )
  2. Include the cost for recording the Sheriff’s Deed at the Recorder’s Office.   The fee is $34 for the first two pages and $8 for each additional page.
  3. Include the costs to the Sheriff’s Office for recording the deed.  This fee is $125.
  4. Include the Conveyance Fee.  See Below.

Preparing the Conveyance Fee Statement 

  1. The Conveyance Fee Form is available on the County Auditor’s website. .  These forms are .pdf files and Adobe Reader is needed to view/print the forms.
  2. Conveyance fees are calculated based on $4 per $1,000 of the sale price and $0.50 per parcel.

Preparing the Sheriff’s Deed 

  1. A deed form is available on the Sheriff’s website for your use.  There is a link available at (sheriffdeedform), tab through and complete the fields.  Use of this form is required to keep uniformity and compliance to the Sheriff’s Deeds.  Illegible deeds will be returned. (ORC 2329.36)
  2. Copy and paste the legal description into the body for the form.
  3. The completed deeds and the conveyance fee statement may be mailed or dropped off at our office.  They may also be e-mailed for review to the Sheriff’s Office at [email protected] 

Reminder on Filing Paperwork: 

Clerk of Court’s Office:  Contact Clerk of Court’s Office for case court costs at 440.350.2657 or e-mail [email protected]   

To The Court:  The Order of Confirmation (include conveyance and recording fees) and a copy of the prorated tax statement. 

To The Sheriff’s Office:  The Conveyance Fee Statement, the Sheriff’s Deed and monies due.

Should you have any questions, concerning these instructions or any other matter, do not hesitate to contact our office at 440.350.5519.