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Main Office Hours 8:00-4:30 Mon-Fri

Drive Thru Express Hrs. 8:00-3:30 Mon-Fri

  • Open June 13th- July 17th
  • Open 8am – noon on Sat 6/22, 6/29 & 7/13
  • Please have cash/check ready with bill
  • No credit/debit card payments in Drive Thru Express
  • Thank you

We will be closed Wed. June 19th for Juneteenth and Thurs July 4th for Independence Day.

Property Search Guidelines:

  • Tax summary accurate as of May 30, 2024
  • Tax bills updated weekly on Tuesdays (may be different than tax summary)
  • Please fill in only one field when searching i.e. Parcel ID, Last Name, or Address

Ways to pay:

  • Pay electronically via our Payment Portal
  • NO Cost Semiannual or Annual Auto Pay form required by June 30th
  • Submit payments in our Drop Box, conveniently located in our parking lot
  • Drop off payments via seasonal Drive Thru Express, opening in July, no credit/debit cards
  • Mail check payments to: Lake County Treasurer, 105 Main St., Painesville, OH 44077
  • Visit our main office at 105 Main St., C102, Painesville, OH 44077 8:00-4:30 Mon-Fri
  • Manual coupon payment GUIDELINE
  • Monthly auto pay on the 5th of every month
  • July bill must be paid in full to start
  • Sign up by June 30, 2024
  • Call 440-350-2516
  • Current escrow pre-pay plans will convert automatically

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Treasurer Resources

NameJob TitlePhoneEmail
Criswell, ErinDeputy Treasurer440-350-2517[email protected]
Della-Serra, BrittanyDeputy Treasurer440-350-2472[email protected]
Falkenberg, SherriChief Deputy Treasurer440-350-2540[email protected]
Gumm, LoriDeputy Treasurer440-350-2477[email protected]
Nicholson, KatieDeputy Treasurer440-350-2519[email protected]
Nolen, SallyDeputy Treasurer440-350-2515[email protected]
Payne, JoyceDeputy Treasurer440-350-2518[email protected]
Potter, KarenDeputy Treasurer440-350-2473[email protected]
Zuren, MichaelTreasurer440-350-2480[email protected]
Change / Correction of Mailing AddressChange/ Correction of Mailing Address
Claim for Tax RefundClaim for Tax Refund
Military Tax Deferment FormMilitary Tax Deferment Form
Monthly Budget Auto PayMonthly Budget Auto Pay
Remission of Penalty
Remission of Penalty Form R.C. 5715.39Remission of Penalty Form R.C. 5715.39
Semi Auto PaySemi Auto Pay
Tax ProrationsRequest for Pro-Rated Taxes
What is the Automatic Payment Plan?

It is an automatic method of paying your real estate tax bill. It is similar to direct deposit of social security checks or payroll checks, except the APP pays your real estate tax bill by debiting your checking or savings account.

Will it cost me anything to sign up for this payment service?

No. There is no charge for this service to the taxpayer.

What are the benefits of paying with the APP?

It is a convenient, easy way to pay your tax bill without taking the time or trouble to write and record a personal check, find an envelope and stamp, and mail the payment. It is an automatic way to pay your bill when you are out of town.

I am currently participating in another payment service program, can I continue to use this other service to pay my real estate tax bill?

No. You will need to cancel that service and complete the attached authorization form.

How do I sign-up?

Complete the attached Authorization Agreement Form. If bills are going to be paid out of your checking account, attach a voided check. Mail completed form to: Lake County Treasurer’s Office, Attn: David Blanock 105 Main Street Painesville, OH 44077-0490

How will I be notified of my bill amount and when my checking or savings account will be automatically debited?

After you return the authorization form to the Lake County Treasurer’s Office and your banking information is confirmed accurate, you will be notified by mail. The message on your bill will read: “NOTICE: THIS BILL IS PROVIDED FOR YOUR RECORDS AND REQUIRES NO PAYMENT. A CHARGE OF (Amt due) WILL BE SENT TO YOUR BANK ON (The Due Date).”

If I have a credit on my account, will I be reimbursed through the APP?

No. The credit will be applied to your real estate taxes on future billings. If you have a large credit that will take time to be absorbed through future billings, call a Lake County Treasurer’s Office representative for a possible refund. The message on your bill will read: “NOTICE: THIS BILL IS PROVIDED FOR YOUR RECORDS AND REQUIRES NO PAYMENT. YOUR ACCOUNT HAS A CREDIT BALANCE. NO CHARGE WILL BE SENT TO YOUR – BANK.”

How will I know that my bill has been paid?

Your real estate tax payment will be reflected as a separate item on your checking or savings account statement.

Who do I contact if I disagree with the amount of my real estate tax bill and wish to put a hold on the APP until further research?

Call Lake County Treasurer’s Office at (440)350-2516, (440)918-2516 or (440)298-3334 Ext. 2516 no later than five days prior to the due date. A billing representative will assist you. Let the clerk know you are on the APP and would like to put a hold on the payment.

If I am moving and or selling my home, will my Final Bill be paid through the APP service?

No “Final Bills” will be considered in the APP. This will avoid problems that arise when a bank account has been closed prior to the due date or duplicate payments are made by the Title Company or customer.

If you are selling your home and wish to continue the APP service for payment on your taxes for your new home, a new authorization agreement form would need to be completed.

What happens if I change banks or close my account?

As soon as you know that you will be changing or closing your account, contact the Lake county Treasurer’s Office. If you wish to continue paying by the APP, an authorization form for your new bank account must be completed.

Can I continue the APP service if the funds are not on deposit in my account on the designated day the APP is executed?

The service for APP will be terminated effective when the funds become insufficient. The customer will be liable for any expenses incurred by the Lake County Treasurer’s Office. 


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