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Sold Tax Lien Certificates

Liens placed 2021 and after:

For information regarding how to resolve your Tax Lien,

Please contact us ASAP at:

Our Toll-Free Number : 1 (866)960-0067

If you have any issues or need additional information, you may also contact our Chief Director of Government Relations:

Dawn Hoosier

Email: [email protected]

Cell Phone: 1(513)236-5487

NAR Ohio is here and happy to assist you in resolving this matter.

Liens placed before 2021:

Tax Ease Ohio, LLC

Call Center:  1-866-907-2626
Call Center Hours: 7am – 6pm EST (M-F) Live Answering

Email:    [email protected]
Customer Service:

Checks made payable to:

US Bank, as CF for Tax Ease Ohio

Payments sent to:        

Lockbox #005191
P.O. Box 645191
Cincinnati, OH  45264-5191

Please DO NOT send a check before you call Tax Ease for a redemption amount

We would like to work with you to resolve your delinquent taxes, please give us a call.