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Central Communications Dispatchers are professionals who are certified in  PST1, NIMS ICS, CPR and Emergency Medical Dispatch.  They are a critical element in the 911 link to Life Saving Services.The Central Communications Division, under the command of Captain R. Mike Warner, employs 35 full and part-time employees who include 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 6 Sergeants, 19 full-time Dispatchers, 1 part-time Dispatchers, and 4 civilian employees.  They provide enhanced 911 telephone service and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) to assist in efficient dispatching of Police and Fire calls for eleven (11) police agencies and  nine (9) fire departments. 


  • 268,177 Total Calls for Service
    • 68,012 wireless 911 (cell phone) calls for service;
    • 3,448 (hard line) or regular 911 telephone calls for services;
    • 181,879 non-911 calls for service
    • 3,422 VOIP (Voice Over Internet Provider) calls
    • 17,537 7-Digit Phone Lines

Specialized services provided include:

  • Central Communications is ADA compliant by providing T.D.D. telephone communications for the hearing and speech impaired.  Dial 911 or 354-3434 to be connected to our T.D.D. equipment;
  • Provides county-wide team support for the Amber Alert Program (locating abducted         children & missing adults);
  • County support for Silver Alert (locating missing senior adults);
  • Central Communications is trained in using the reverse 9-1-1, which is a rapid outbound calling system that notifies homes of important information in any given geographic area of Lake County;
  • Central Communications can activate the Emergency Alert System (EAS).
  • Central Communications has direct contact with the Perry Nuclear Power Plant. In the event of a problem at the Nuclear Power Facility.         
  • Central Communications Division makes initial notification for the activation of the County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC); Staff during large scale events.
  • Central Communications provides Lake County after-hour dog file information for the safe return of a dog to its owner.
  • Central Communications is the centralized answering point for all Wireless 9-1-1 calls made in Lake County.  Once a correct location of the caller is obtained the 9-1-1 call is supervised and transferred to the appropriate agency.
  • Central Communications also serves as the back-up Public Service Answering Point        (PSAP) for the city of Mentor, and the Madison Township dispatch center.
  • Central Communications provides public education tours to groups throughout the year; such as Lakeland Community College, Boy Scouts of America, Leadership Lake County, Western Reserve Junior Service League, the Auburn Career Center, Girl Scouts, Cuyahoga County Police and Fire Agencies, Mentor Police and Cleveland Police.
  • Central Communications also provides emergency contact services for such groups as the Game Warden, Dog Warden, Water Rescue Teams, SWAT Teams, Humane Society,  just to name a few.

  • Central Communications is the point of contact for AERO Medical Helicopter Services by coordinating radio communications between flight crews and ground emergency services.

New Telecommunicator Training program is overseen by Lt. Cichon and covers customer service, call taking, multitasking, CAD training and hands on call taking with our simulators.  The program is geared to reducing the basic training in most cases by two months

Telecommunicators acquire training and technical skills                             

Independently and through in-service training by the Sheriff’s Office.  Many employees have college educations, in addition to specialized training, such as hostage negotiations, and the National Incident Management System (NIMS), which is critical in meeting the national disaster standards outlined by FEMA.  Central Communications participates in all FEMA drills conducted in Lake County.

All telecommunicators are EMD, CPR and AED trained.  Dispatchers have emergency medical training, and on numerous occasions have administered medical pre-arrival instructions to persons in need.

Specialized Training:

Warrant Check Team Training, Sexual Harassment Policy, National Weather Alert System, LEADS, MABAS, CPR, EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch), EMD Refresher training, Tornado Siren Activations, PNPP Siren Activations, EAS, Financial Institution Alarm Procedure (Red Card), Active Shooter Emergency Alert, Equipment/Building Malfunction Notification, Call Taking, Wireless 911 Transfer Procedure, Language Line, Sergeant Leadership Training,  Amber Alert and Amber Alert Response Team Training, Vesta Rapid outbound calling system Portable Radio Training, LEADS Training, County Wide Radio Fleet Call procedure Patching Sub fleets, Marine Patrol Activity Training,

Water Rescue and Coast Guard Notification Bomb Threats, Reginal Bomb Squad Requests, BSSA Deployment, FSA, PNPP 5 Way Phone training / Beaver Valley 5way bridge, Aircraft Crashes, Disciplinary Action Training,  and NIMS are a few of the training subjects covered by our in-house  trainings. 

In addition, dispatchers must be trained and certified in the State’s Law Enforcement Automated Data Systems (LEADS), and Computerized Criminal History (CCH).

Central Communications Supervision

Captain R. Mike Warner

Captain R. Mike Warner has spent most of his adult life in public service.  He served in the US Army from 1968 -1971, including overseas tours in Vietnam (2 tours) and Germany (8 mos).  He continued his military service as a member of the Ohio Army Nation Guard from 1978987. Captain Warner has spent 40 years in the fire service, working his way up through the ranks from volunteer fire fighter to Chief in Hambden Township, Ohio before accepting the position of Fire Chief for Concord Township, Lake County, Ohio in 1995, served as President of the Ohio Fire Chiefs Association, 2011-2012, Ohio Fire Chiefs Federal Legislative Liaison for nine years, retiring as Fire Chief in January 2016.   In January 2016, Warner accepted a position with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office as Captain in charge of Central Communications.  Captain Warner has a Degree in Fire Science from Lakeland Community College, attended Columbia Southern University, Certified Public Safety Instructor, 1986, CFSI, 1986, Public Safety Instructor train the trainer, ICS, Planning Section Chief, 2008, Blue Card Certification, 2010, Instructor 2012, OPOTA Bailiff Basic Training, July 2014 and is Graduate of the Ohio Fire Executive Program.  Received Lake County Blue Coats Award, 2006, Hero’s for Andy Award, 2006, Ohio Police Chiefs Award for work starting the Public Safety Alliance, 2012, Chardon High School Hall of Fame, 2005, the State of Ohio Fire Marshall Hall of Fame Distinguished Service Award September 2015 and the Ohio VFW Firefighter of the Year award 2015-2016