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Municipal Operations

Our Department and partner agencies provide educational materials/programs, guidance documents, and walk-through inspections of municipal facilities to assist in compliance with the Phase II stormwater program. We also assist municipal operations in our member communities in completing a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

Resources for municipal operations in our member communities are included on this page.

2023 Training

NEOPIPE Sensible Salting Workshop Recordings

Growing Green on Main Street:

Salt Pollution in Ohio and Steps Toward Managing the Problem

Quarterly Inspection Forms

Quarterly Visual Assessment Form
Routine Facility Inspection Form

Sheet Flow Sample Collection Instructional Video

Annual Reporting Form For Your Facility

Annual Reporting Form

Green Infrastructure Quarterly Inspection Forms

Bioretention Inspection Form
Constructed Wetland Inspection Form
Permeable Pavement Inspection Form
Rain Garden Inspection Form

Secondary Containment Calculation Worksheets

Follow this link for information from EPA on constructing secondary containment.

Worksheet for Secondary Containment Calculation:

Salt Storage Guidance


Universal Waste Information from OEPA

Spill Reporting Forms

Report an Illicit Discharge to the MS4 to the Lake County General Health District:

Report an Illicit Discharge, leak, or spill to OEPA:

Links and Handouts:

Environmental & Financial Assistance | Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Materials in the Marketplace — Ohio Materials Marketplace

Ohio Commercial Facilities Accepting Hazardous Wastefile:///S:/Municipal%20Operations/Presentations%20and%20Training/2022/Resources%20to%20include%20in%20training/Approved%20Fac.%20accept%20Haz%20waste%20List.pdf

Cleaning Up Heating Oil Releases, OhioEPAfile:///S:/Municipal%20Operations/Presentations%20and%20Training/2022/Resources%20to%20include%20in%20training/heating%20oil%20spill%20fact%20sheet%20OEPA.pdf

Identifying Your Hazardous Waste, OhioEPAfile:///S:/Municipal%20Operations/Presentations%20and%20Training/2022/Resources%20to%20include%20in%20training/ID+haz+waste%20OEPA.pdf

Release Reporting of a Hazardous Substance, Ohio State Emergency Response Commissionfile:///S:/Municipal%20Operations/Presentations%20and%20Training/2022/Resources%20to%20include%20in%20training/SERC_Release_Reporting.pdf

Spill Contractors List from OhioEPAfile:///S:/Municipal%20Operations/Presentations%20and%20Training/2022/Resources%20to%20include%20in%20training/SERC_Release_Reporting.pdf