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Have You Seen Stormwater Pollution In Your Neighborhood?

Stormwater Pollution can be found all around us, no matter what season of the year it is!  The things you do around your home or in your yard effect our area streams, rivers and lakes.  Anything other then stormwater entering a storm sewer is stormwater pollution, and is called an Illicit Discharge.  Examples of an Illicit Discharge include pet waste, excessive lawn fertilizer, dumped grass clippings or leaves, paint, oil, soapy water from washing floors or carpeting, sewage, and laundry water.

Examples of an Illicit Discharge

Latex Paint in Road Ditch   Sewage in Stormwater    
Litter and TrashYard Waste in Stream
Cooking Grease

Do your part to keep pollution out of the storm sewers where you live! 

To report an Illicit Discharge, contact: Lake County General Health (440) 350-2543