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Construction Permitting and Plan Review Forms

About Your Site Plan

Plan Review and Approval

Every effort will be made to review and approve or disapprove site plans as soon as possible.  However, it will be the obligation of the applicant to determine if the site plan has been approved or rejected.  Should a problem exist, the Engineer or Surveyor should contact this office about necessary revisions. 

For questions, contact: Steven Houser (440) 350-5903

Thank you for your cooperation!

Final Grade Inspections

The Lake County Stormwater Management Department only accepts applications for Final Grade Inspections for the following communities:

  • Concord Twp.
  • Madison Twp.
  • Painesville Twp.

For Leroy Twp. and Perry Twp., final grade inspections are performed by the Lake County Engineer. The Lake County Stormwater Management Department DOES NOT perform Final Grade Inspections in any Cities or Villages. If an inspection is needed in a City or Village, check with the municipality’s staff or engineer.

For questions, contact: Nick Agins (440) 350-5901

Full final grade approvals will not be granted until as-builts are submitted.

Construction General Permit

To view information from OEPA on the Storm Water Construction General Permit for small and large construction activities, please click here .  Please be advised that Ohio EPA Permit No.: OHC000006, effective April 23, 2023, has been released and should be used for plan development, if applicable.

For copies of pertinent Ohio EPA forms regarding the construction general permit, click here.  This link includes the application form for a Notice of Intent (NOI), Notice of Termination (NOT), and transfer of coverage.