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Member Communities

 City of Eastlake Village of Fairport Harbor
City of Kirtland​​ Village of Grand River
 City of Mentor on the Lake                     Village of Kirtland Hills
 City of Painesville Village of Lakeline
 City of Willoughby Village of Madison
 City of Willoughby Hills Village of Perry
 City of Willowick Village of Timberlake
  Concord Township
  Painesville Township
  Madison Township

All member communities are able to utilize the services of the Lake County Stormwater Management Department for all six minimum control measures mandated by EPA as well as work with the department for funding assistance to maintain and upgrade the storm sewer infrastructure within the community.  This work can include, but is not limited to, storm sewer cleaning and repairing, watershed studies, infrastructure improvements that reduce flooding and improve the quality of stormwater runoff.  Other projects may be considered at the request of the community.

More Information

Credit Program

The Stormwater Management Department provides options for reducing the fees charged for any parcel that is classified as non-residential. Property owners who provide education to their clients and/or employees and document their education and involvement in reducing stormwater pollution.

Stormwater Assessment 

Lake County Stormwater Management Department

Stormwater Management Department: (440) 350-5900

Questions? [email protected]