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“Waters of Change”

Summer is finally here! Are you ready to enjoy a day at our Lake Erie beaches? Nothing ruins a beautiful day at the beach like trash and litter in the sand. Much of the litter found in the lake and on the beach may have washed there with stormwater, since stormwater is not treated at a wastewater treatment plant. Anything that enters a storm drain or roadside ditch, will wash directly to our rivers and Lake Erie.
 During 2019 beach cleanup by Adopt A Beach volunteers, 90% of all the litter picked up from Great Lakes beaches was plastic. Also, the most common litter items found by Adopt a Beach volunteers were plastic pieces, cigarettes and filters, foam pieces, plastic bottle caps, food wrappers, straws and stirrers, and cigar tips. 
We are all hoping for “Waters of Change”. We all need to do our part to keep plastics out of Lake Erie and keep stormwater clean! Please remember to recycle wastes when you can and put your trash where it belongs.