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Real Estate Department

  1. I want to dispute the amount of the taxes charged to my parcel. What is the process?
    You may only appeal the property value. The tax rate is approved by the voters by way of levies. Once a levy is approved it is part of the tax rate until such time it expires unless it is a continuing levy that runs in perpetuity. For information on how to challenge the value of your property, see the Board of Revision FAQ’s section.
  2. How do I pay my taxes and when are they due?
    The Lake County Treasurer’s office accepts payments for property taxes. Please contact that office at (440) 350-2516. Generally speaking, tax bills are mailed out sometime mid-January and mid-June. Payments are due approximately 20-30 days after they are mailed.
  3. How do I correct or update a property’s owner and/or tax mailing address?
    a. To correct or update owner’s address please contact the Auditor’s at (440) 350-2532 or [email protected]. You can also use our SmartFile System to update owner addresses.
    b. To correct or update the tax mailing address, please contact the Lake County Treasurer’s office at (440) 350-2516.
  4. How do I correct a spelling error in the ownership name on a parcel that is displayed on your website?
    The Auditor’s office is required to display ownership names exactly as they are spelled on the recorded deed. If you believe the name displayed doesn’t match the name on the recorded deed, please contact us at (440) 350-2532 or [email protected].
  5. How much is the conveyance fee?
    The fee is $4.00 for every $1,000 of the purchase price of land or value. The fees are collected by the County Auditor’s Office as a fee assessed to the transfer of property. Conveyance fees are set by the ORC 322.02; State (0.1% or $1.00) and the County Commissioners (0.3% or $3.00 (passed by resolution on 03/26/1990)). There is a $.50 transfer fee charged for each transfer of a parcel of land.
  6. Does my legal description need to be reviewed by Tax Map before I transfer?
    Any transfer that has a consideration and is not a full sublot in a platted subdivision (i.e. part of a sublot, metes and bounds, etc.), MUST BE reviewed by the Tax Map Department. Exempt transfers are not required to be reviewed by the Tax Map Department.
  7. How do I remove an individual or make changes to my deed of record?
    You must have a new deed created. We urge you to contact a title company or lawyer to ensure the proper paperwork is created.
  8. Do I have to bring my deed in personally?
    No. Grantor (seller), Grantee (buyer) or a representative can submit a deed for transfer. Please ensure that all documents are completed, signed and notarized were applicable.
  9. Can I mail my deed to the Auditor’s office?
    Yes. Currently, the Auditor’s office does accept transfers by mail.
  10. Are there any forms I need to complete a transfer of property?
    Yes. Depending on the type of transfer, every transfer requires either a DTE100EX or DTE 100. If the property is on homestead or the CAUV program, you will need to have a DTE 101 and/or DTE 102 form completed and notarized prior to submitting the transfer.