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Manufactured Home Transfer Procedure

Transferring a mobile home to a new owner

Step 1:  Bring the existing mobile home title to the Treasurer’s office to receive stamps that indicate that the taxes have been paid in full. If taxes are not paid in full, you have the option of paying that day.  However, if you are paying with a personal check or credit card there may be a 7 to 10 day delay.

Step 2:  Proceed to the Auditor’s office with the stamped title to have the title transferred into the new owner’s name.  There is fee of $1.00 per thousand of the sale price or market value plus $0.50 transfer tax for all sales.  Exempt transfers are $0.50 per transfer. New or prior owner(s) are not required to be present for this step.

Step 3:  Visit the Title office to get a new title naming the new owner(s). The title offices are located in Wickliffe at 30188 Euclid Avenue and Mentor at 8804 Mentor Avenue. The Title office will require the following: