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Real Estate Transfer Procedures

The purpose of transferring deeds through the Auditor is to maintain an accurate record of property ownership and parcel identification and to collect conveyance fees required by Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 319.20 and 322.02.

Before the county auditor can endorse a conveyance, the grantee or representative must submit either DTE 100, declaring value if it is a taxable transfer or DTE 100EX, explaining the reason for exemption. See DTE 100EX Reference Guide for reasons for exemptions.

Property that currently receives the Homestead Exemption Credit or is currently receiving CAUV must also complete a DTE 101 or a DTE 102 form.

We recommend you have an attorney or title company prepare the documents.

All non-exempt transfers that include a metes and bounds description needs to be approved by Lake County Engineer – Tax Map Dept. The tax map office requires you to provide a stamped and recorded copy of the previous deed. For all new legal descriptions, combinations, plats and splits written by a licensed surveyor are required to obtain an approval stamp by the tax map office before transferring the property. (Split and combination guidelines) Certain guidelines for legal description apply. Click here for Conveyance Standards.

Lake County conveyance fees are $4.00 (four dollars) per $1000.00 (one thousand dollars) of consideration rounded up to the nearest one hundred dollars. Transfer fee is $.50 (fifty cents) per parcel.

DescriptionExample 1Example 2Example 3Example 4
Consideration$100,000$100,001.00Less then $1000$123,456.00
Round to the nearest 100$100$100.10$1.00$123.5
$4.00 per thousand$100 X $4.00 =$400.00$100.10 X $4.00 =$400.40$1.00 X $4.00 =$4.00$123.5 X $4.00 =$494.00
$0.50 per parcel$400.00 + $0.50 =$400.50$400.00 + $0.50 =$400.90$4.00 + $0.50 =$4.50$400.00 + $0.50 =$494.50

Transfer in Person

Our office located at 105 Main St. Suite C101 in downtown Painesville. We are open from 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). During these hours we are available to assist with transferring a document with our office. Please bring all the necessary documents and Auditor’s fees. (Separate check for Auditor’s Office fees is required.) 

Transfer via Mail

The Recorder’s office will return the documents after recording via USPS, FedEx, and UPS as long as a self-addressed postage paid envelope is included when the document(s) are delivered.

Document Types

  • Affidavits: Affidavit of Survivorship requires a certified certificate of death
  • Deeds: Administrator, Commissioner, Executor, Fiduciary, Limited Warranty, Quit Claim, Sheriff, Special Warranty, Survivorship, Trustee, and Warranty.  
  • Certificate of Transfer from Probate Court.
  • Judgment entry ordering transfer.
  • Transfer On Death Designation Affidavit does not need Auditor’s endorsement.

Important Required Documents: