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Splits and Combinations Department

  1. I’d like to split my property. Where do I start?
    In order to split a parcel, you will need the approval of the planning and zoning department (for townships please contact county planning; for all others please contact the zoning for your municipality). You will also need to contact a licensed surveyor for a new legal description(s) to be prepared. Once new legal description(s) are prepared they will need to be reviewed and stamped by planning and the Tax Map department. These new legal description(s) need to be attached to a new deed to be transferred and recorded.
  2. I’d like to combine my properties. Where do I start?
    If your properties are part of a residential recorded subdivision, you can combine the properties by administrative combination form. All other properties will need to have a new survey prepared by a licensed surveyor. Attach this legal to a deed and have the document transferred and recorded.
  3. I split and/or combined my parcel(s) last year. Why doesn’t my current tax bill reflect the changes?
    Real estate taxes are assessed by how the parcels stood as of January 1 of the current tax year. Any changes to your parcel in the that tax year doesn’t affect your tax bill until the following year. For instance, any splits or combinations transferred and recorded in 2020 won’t affect your tax bill until 2021 which you receive in 2022.