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Dog License Department

  1. Why should I get a license for my dog?
    First and foremost, Ohio law requires all dogs over 3 months of age be licensed. And a license is a lost dog’s ticket home! When your dog has its license attached to its collar, its assigned license number is all that is necessary for our office to identify the dog’s owner.
  2. Where can I get my dog license?
    Dog licenses may be purchased online here. They may be purchased at the Auditor’s Office, the Lake County Dog Shelter or any of our agents located throughout the county. They may also be purchased through the mail.
  3. When should I purchase my license?
    Ohio Law requires licenses be renewed between December 1st and January 31st each year. And as stated previously, any dog over 3 months must be licensed so if a dog is acquired at any time during the year it must be licensed immediately.
  4. How much does a dog license cost?
    The cost of a One Year license is $20, a Three Year license is $60, and a Permanent License is $200. Agents charge an additional $0.75 for their services.
  5. Does my dog have to wear the license?
    Yes. Ohio Law requires the dog wear its license.
  6. What if I forget to renew my license?
    Ohio Law requires a late fee equal to the cost of the license. There are no provisions in the law to waive the fee.
  7. What if I lose my license?
    If you lose your license you can contact the Lake County Auditor’s office to request a duplicate license. A $5.00 fee will apply. You can come in person or you can mail your information, $5.00 duplicate tag fee, and a self-addressed stamped envelope into our office at PO Box 490, Painesville OH 44077.
  8. What if I move?
    If you stay within Lake County just call us with your new address and telephone number so we keep your information up to date. If you move to a different county within Ohio your license will still be valid for that year. When that license expires, you will need to purchase a license from your current county. And again, remember to call us to update your information on record.
  9. If I move here from another state, is that state’s license valid?
    No. You are required to purchase a license immediately upon arrival. If you wait more than 30 days, the county auditor is required to charge a penalty equal to the fee.
  10. Can I transfer a license to a new owner?
    Yes. The ownership of a current dog license can be transferred to another owner for just $5.00.The current owner on file, or executor of the current owner’s estate, must sign the transfer form. Licenses are not transferrable between dogs.
  11. I mailed in for my license or I purchased my license online. How long will it take to receive it?
    Licenses are sent through the US Postal Service and should arrive within 10 business days. Extra processing time may be necessary the first few weeks of December due to high volume.
  12. I found a dog, what should I do?
    If you found a dog wearing a current Lake County dog license please call the Lake County Dog Shelter during business hours at 440-350-2640. After hours please call the Lake County Sheriff at 440-354-3434 for information.
  13. My dog is missing or lost, what should I do?
    Contact the Lake County Dog Shelter at 440-350-2640
  14. How do I obtain an assistance dog license?
    Complete the standard dog license application and send it with proof of training from a nonprofit special agency as required by the Ohio revised Code 955.011. This registration is free and permanent.
  15. Where does the money for licenses go?
    The license proceeds support the Lake County Dog Shelter.
  16. Where can I find laws that apply to dog licensing?
    The laws governing dog licensing in the State of Ohio can be found in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), sections 955.01 thru 955.99