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Your Bill

Reading Your Bill

1. Customer Information: Please be sure this information is correct in this section, if it is not and changes need to be made please contact the billing office at one of the numbers at the top of the bill.

2. Account Information: This box contains specific information such as Billing Date, number of days in the billing cycle, Account number, Address being serviced, Date payment is due and a text message box that may include customer information or announcements.

3: Consumption record: This section details the amount of water used, sewer charged in three month (quarterly) increments and the reading type. Actual Reading: A physical reading taken from your meter. Estimate: On the quarters we do not read your meter, we estimate your bill based on previous usage.

4. Balance Forward: Any unpaid amount will be indicated here and carried over and totaled in the current charges. (This amount does not include delinquent amounts certified to the real estate taxes).

5. Current Charges: This section includes current charges for water consumption, sewer charges, any past due charges and any necessary adjustments to the current charges.

6. History: This section depicts a historical record of consumption for a one year period.

7. Text Box: This box will provide announcements, information, and helpful hints to our customers.

8: Detachable Payment Section: The part of the bill (about a third of the lower section) that is below the perforated line provides vital information to the Utilities department when processing the payment. If you wish to pay the bill by mail, this portion is detached and returned with the payment.