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Payments and Charges

Payments/Discounts Minimum Charges

Paying Your Bill

Whether you’re paying in person or by mail, please write your account number on your check or money order and always include the bottom portion of your bill. This will help ensure that your payment is properly credited to your account. Also, to expedite your payment, please do not staple your stub  to your check. If you’re paying by mail, be sure to allow a few days for your payment to arrive by its due date, and never send cash.


1. You can mail in your payment or pay your bill in person at LCDU Billing Office:

Click HERE for LCDU Billing Office Hours and Payment Location

2. APP (Automatic Payment Plan): With the LCDU Auto Pay Program, your utility bill is deducted from your bank account each quarter. You still receive a statement so you can keep track of your usage, but your checking account is automatically deducted on the next due date shown on your bill. With Auto 2. Pay, you eliminate the inconvenience of writing checks and postage, plus you are assured your bill will be paid on time each quarter.

Click HERE for Brochure and Application

3. Credit Card: Paying your bill by credit card is available.

     -Pay online through Point and Pay
     -Pay by Phone: 1-888-315-9033


1. Minimum Sewer Charge: “Sewer Accounts – There shall be a minimum quarterly sewer service charge of $33.55 per unit or current charge for all properties located within the Lake County Regional Sewer District.” “In order to qualify for the reduced sewer service charge the property must not be occupied for a period of not less than three (3) months and;”

1. “The owner of the premises must provide the County with a statement from the water supplier that the water service to the premises has been terminated for a period of not less than three (3) months.” “It is the responsibility of the owner to provide the County with a statement from the water supplier setting forth the dates of termination and restoration of water service to the premises.” “In the event a property owner fails to notify the County of the restoration of water service, no reduction of sewer service charges shall be permitted.”

In order to be exempt from sewer charges, the Sanitary Sewer connection must be cut and capped. If your water service area is not within the Lake County Service Area, for the Click HERE MINIMUM SEWER CHARGE FORM  and submit to your water supplier so that you can receive the reduced sewer rate.

2. Minimum Charge for Water Accounts for Unoccupied Property:

There shall be no minimum charge for any property for which the County has removed the meter or otherwise terminated service. If at anytime you wish to be excluded from being charged the minimum water rate, please contact one of the billing representatives to schedule an appointment to terminate service. Seasonal Accounts: Service interrupted seasonally will not be charged the minimum. Depending on the billing period and when the service was discontinued there may be a billing on the number of days of service or consumption whichever is greater. There shall be no charge to turn-on or turn-off seasonal accounts of water during regular working hours. Call the billing office twenty-four (24) hours in advance to make your request.

Customer Service

Customer Service Call
East (440) 428-4348 ext 2070
Central (440) 350-2070
West (440) 918-2070

Water & Sewer Billing Office 105 Main St
1st – A113 Floor , Painesville, OH 44077

(Mailing: PO Box 8005, Painesville, Ohio 44077)

(440) 428-4348 Ext 2070
(440) 350-2070
(440) 918-2070

Open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30 pm

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