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Community Recycling Options

Below is a list of links to refuse companies used in the county and a list of links to the community’s website. The community’s website may change without notice as LCDU updates links annually.

Kimble Recycling and Disposal

Major Waste Disposal

Republic Services

Waste Management

Items appropriate for recycling:

  • PAPER: Brown paper bags, non-confidential office paper, newspapers, & magazines
  • PAPER CARDBOARD, DAIRY & JUICE CONTAINERS: Detergent boxes, milk/juice cartons, & cardboard
  • FLATTEN CARDBOARD & PAPERBOARD: Cereal boxes, cookie/cracker boxes, & gift boxes
  • METAL CANS: Steel, tin, & aluminum soda, vegetable, pet, fruit & tuna cans
  • PLASTIC/BOTTLES & JUGS ONLY : (Shape matters: Must have “neck” skinnier than the “body”) Soda & water bottles, milk and juice jugs, & most cleaning supplies and soap/shampoo & conditioner bottles.

For specific recycling details in your community, please check your community link.

For other recycling options in Lake County click here to review a list of businesses that offer other options.

**Please call the business for current information an any fees that mat apply** 

Community Links

Other Community Information

  • Lakeline Village 
    • Republic Services
    • Tel: 216-441-6300
    • Tel: 1-800-968-2310
  • LeRoy Twp.
    • For curbside recycling contact your private hauler
    • 13028 LeRoy Center Road, LeRoy Township, Ohio 44077
    • Paper recycling is located in the parking lot of the Fire Station
  • Fairport Village
    • Under About Village, then Helpful Information, it lists:  Our Recycling Drop-Off Area is located at 212 Water Street (between Second and Third streets).
    • Curbside recycling is picked up on the same day as trash pickup.
    • Tony Scheiber Hauling handles both services. Tel: 440-477-9211