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Sanitary Sewer Overflows

Through strict compliance with environmental regulations, the Lake County Department of Utilities (LCDU) is dedicated to protecting and safeguarding public health and safety. In an effort to notify and inform our communities, LCDU provides our residents with access to Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) reports. The intent of this report is to provide public notification as well as details regarding a reported SSO. If applicable, the report will also identify any water source (stream, pond, river, reservoir or lake) that may be affected. A notice will be posted at the site of the SSO, and will provide additional contact information along with website addresses for both our department and the  Lake County Health District. 

To review a copy of the SSO report, see the links below or contact Gary Fedak, Director of Operations, at

Tel: (440) 350-2652
A sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) is a condition where a diluted mixture of clean rainwater, groundwater and untreated sewage are discharged into the environment prior to reaching the wastewater treatment facility. The most common cause of sanitary sewer overflows are heavy rainfall events, which cause an influx of storm-water into sanitary sewer lines.  The combined flow of storm-water and wastewater exceeds the collection capacity of the sewer system, and an overflow occurs. Sanitary sewer overflows can also occur (due to variety of causes) during dry weather events including pipe blockages and pipe failures.

SSO Notifications

  • None Currently

Helpful Links

For more information about SSO’s please visit:
Lake County General Health District :