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Lake County, Ohio - Auditor

Real Estate Taxes

    Welcome to Lake County, Ohio

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    Real Estate

     TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
    Tax Year 2020/Collection Year 2021Tax Rates1/12/202160.95 KBDownload
    Tax Year 2019/Collection Year 2020Tax Rates1/12/2021207.25 KBDownload
    Special Assessments Tax Year 2019/Collection Year 2020Special Assessments1/12/202161.17 KBDownload
    Tax Year 2018/Collection Year 2019Tax Rates1/12/202130.91 KBDownload
    Special Assessments Tax Year 2018/Collection 2019Special Assessments1/12/2021110.99 KBDownload
    Tax Year 2017/Collection Year 2018Tax Rates1/12/202147.52 KBDownload
    Special Assessments Tax Year 2017/Collection Year 2018Special Assessments1/12/2021349.03 KBDownload
    Tax Year 2016/Collection Year 2017Tax Rates1/12/202110.05 KBDownload
    Special Assessments Tax Year 2016/Collection Year 2017Special Assessments1/12/2021393.20 KBDownload
    Tax Year 2015/Collection Year 2016Tax Rates1/12/202110.64 KBDownload
    Special Assessments Tax Year 2015/Collection Year 2016Special Assessments1/12/2021359.23 KBDownload
    Tax Year 2014/Collection Year 2015Tax Rates1/14/201930.60 KBDownload
    Special Assessments Tax Year 2014/Collection Year 2015Special Assessments1/14/2019209.05 KBDownload
    Tax Year 2013/Collection Year 2014Tax Rates1/14/20191.06 MBDownload
    Special Assessments Tax Year 2013/Collection Year 2014Special Assessments1/14/2019229.81 KBDownload