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Planning & Community Development

Fiscal Year 2024 CDBG and HOME Applications

HOME-American Rescue Plan (ARP)

Lake County, Ohio (the County) was awarded $1,631,830 in HOME-ARP funds. This one-time funding creates a significant opportunity for the County to meet the housing and service needs of our community’s most vulnerable. The County created a HOME-ARP Allocation Plan (the Plan) that addressed the needs of the Qualifying Population (QP) through the eligible activities and submitted it to HUD.  Additional local information about this process and links to resources are here.   HOME-ARP Information   Note:  Some items are in draft form.

HOME ARP Application

HOME ARP Allocation Plan

Appendix 1 & 2

Attachments A-G

Attachments H-L

Planning Commission

Lake County Planning Commission     

105 Main St   

Painesville, OH 44077    

Ph: 440-350-2740   Fax 440-350-2606
From Western Lake County Ph:  440-918-2740

Hours: Monday through Friday, Excluding Holidays

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Phone: 440-350-2740

Next Planning Commission Meeting: Last Tuesday of each month

AGENDA: Is set 7 days ahead of Planning Commission meeting. Please call 440-350-2740 or email: [email protected]


2024 Officers:
Rudy Veselko III, Chair                     Amy Cossick, Vice-Chair
Rhea Benton, Secretary             David Radachy, Planning Director/County Planner

2024 Members:                                                      

Timothy Brotzman                                 John Plecnik                                           

Amy Cossick                                              John R. Hamercheck                           

Geoffrey M.    Varga                               Hiram Reppert                                       

Walter R. Siegel                                      Ivan Valentic   

Richard Regovich


Land Use & Zoning Committee Members

This Committee is comprised of 10 members appointed by the Chairman of the Lake County Planning Commission.  We try to keep equal representation of the townships on the Committee. There are usually two individuals appointed from each of the five Lake County townships:  Concord, Leroy, Madison, Painesville, and Perry.

Land Use & Zoning Committee members are:

Christopher Bernard – Madison Township
Richard Constantine – Painesville Township
Lora Diak – Madison Township
Thomas Hill – Painesville Township
Hiram Reppert – Concord Township
Aven Malec – Perry Township
Daniel Himmelman – Leroy Township
Richard Terriaco – Concord Township
Mark Welch – Perry Township

POINT OF INTEREST: The Land Use and Zoning Committee was first established in 1957 along with seven other Planning Commission subcommittees.  This Committee was the only one of the seven original subcommittees to persevere to the present date.



Major Subdivisions Applications      Minor Subdivisions Applications (Lot Splits,etc.)

Services Available

The Lake County Planning Commission staff can be of assistance to you with:  

  • Topographic Maps
  • Census Information
  • Land Use Data
  • Zoning Information for the Townships
  • Comprehensive Plan Information for the Townships
  • Aerial Photographs
  • Subdivision and Lot Split Activity in the Townships
  • Wetlands Maps
  • House Numbers for most Townships
  • Coastal Erosion Maps
  • Countywide New Building Permit Data

Land Use & Zoning Committee Meetings

The Land Use & Zoning Committee members meet the Thursday prior to the Planning Commission meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the Planning Commission Library/Conference Room when a Township has requested a recommendation on a zoning district change or zoning text amendment at:

105 Main Street Painesville, Ohio

Community Development (CDBG)

Lake County Housing Rehabilitation Program

Do you need help to rehab your home?

The Lake County Housing Rehabilitation Program is designed to improve the housing conditions for income eligible families and extend the economic life of housing stock through three types of assistance:  Emergency Repairs,  Mobility and Accessibility Repairs and Modifications, and Full Single-Family Homes Rehabilitation.  The Program provides assistance through grants and loans. Work is performed by licensed, pre-screened contractors.

Our Community Development Staff 

David Radachy Marian Norman Rhea Benton Beth Young
 Director  Program Manager Assistant Director  Federal Grants Assistant  

About the CDBG Program

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is a flexible program that provides communities with resources to address a wide range of unique community development needs.  Beginning in 1974, the CDBG program is one of the longest continuously run programs at HUD. 

The CDBG program allocates annual grants to develop decent affordable housing, to provide services to the most vulnerable in our communities, to create jobs through the expansion and retention of businesses, and to expand economic opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income persons.  This program is an important tool for helping local governments tackle challenges facing their communities.

Lake County receives an annual allocation from HUD to administer the CDBG funds.  The Lake County Planning and Community Development Office accepts applications for CDBG funding every Spring from interested communities for housing programs, economic development projects, public improvements, and public services.

Housing Programs

The Lake County Housing Rehabilitation Program is funded through CDBG, and administered by the Western Reserve Community Development Corporation (WRCDC.)  This program, which is designed to improve the housing conditions for income eligible families and extend the economic life of existing housing stock, is divided into three types of assistance: Emergency Repairs, Mobility and Accessibility Repairs and Modifications, and Full Single-Family Homes Rehabilitation. 

Contact WRCDC for more information: Phone (440) 357-4400, Website
Subordination Policy

Economic Development Loans

Creating economic opportunities and jobs are among the key activities funded by CDBG. Funds can be used to assist private, for profit businesses with grants, loans, and technical assistance. Commercial rehabilitation is an eligible activity, bringing commercial structures up to code or improving their facades. Public works that support economic development endeavors are also CDBG eligible activities. Job training can be funded as part of a special economic development project, as a public service, or as part of a microenterprise assistance package to the owner of a micro business for his or her employees. 

Public Improvements

Communities can benefit from CDBG funds for construction of public facilities and improvements, such as water and sewer facilities, streets, neighborhood centers, and activities relating to energy conservation.  Funds can be used for accessibility improvements, such as ADA sidewalks and entryways. 

Public Services

CDBG funds can be used for a wide range of public service activities, including job training, crime prevention, child care, health services, fair housing counseling, education programs, energy conservation, services for the homeless, and much more. Eligible public service activities will fulfill the national objective of benefiting low- to-moderate income persons. 

Five-Year Accomplishments 

The Tribune ran an article, “Lake County Community Development Block Grant Program accomplishments over past five years” on April 19, 2013 listing points of accomplishments the County CDBG/HOME Programs had achieved in the last five years.  Attached is a copy of the article for your perusal. (click here)

Latest News

Planning & Community Development Resources

NameJob TitlePhoneEmail
A-Planning, General Information440-350-2740[email protected]
Benton, Rhea440-350-2310[email protected]
Ciancibello, Alanna440-350-2337[email protected]
Irwin, Jackie440-350-2740[email protected]
Norman, Marian440-350-2756[email protected]
Radachy, David440-350-2335[email protected]
Young, Beth440-350-2739[email protected]
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Lake County Planning and Development105 Main St, Painesville44077440-350-2740