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Lake County Juvenile Court Announces CARTEENS

Judge Michael DeLeone is excited to announce a special collaboration with the Lake County OSU Extension, 4-H Youth Development Program and the Ohio State Highway Patrol to implement a special traffic safety program for first-time teen traffic offenders. CARTEENS (Care and Responsibility Teens) aims to keep teen drivers safe while having fun doing it. Youth and their parent or guardian will participate in an informational class with numerous engaging activities. Teen traffic offenders attending this program have typically been cited for speeding, stop sign violation, reckless operation, and other similar violations. The goal is to get them thinking about safety on the road and decrease teen traffic offenders. Ohio 4-H CARTEENS has proved to be a valuable tool in educating Ohio’s teen drivers and saving lives on Ohio Roads. Data collected from 4-H CARTEENS participants indicate a significant reduction in second-time traffic offenses, increased use of safety belts, reduced drinking and driving, and an increased use of caution when driving. More than 80 percent of participants in a recent survey said they planned to use more caution when driving and will increase their use of seat belts. Please click here to read the entire press release. 

From the left: Lisa Manning (Lake County OSU Extension, 4-H Youth Development), Judge
Michael DeLeone (Lake County Juvenile Court), and Lieutenant Larry P. Jones (Post
Commander Ohio State Highway Patrol)