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Commissioners Proclaim Geographical Information Systems Day in Lake County

PAINESVILLE, Ohio, November 16, 2023–At the Commissioner’s Meeting on Thursday, November 16, 2023, the Board of Commissioners, in and for Lake County, Ohio, proclaimed November 15, 2023, as Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Day.

The board recognizes that an understanding, use and application of geospatial technology is crucial to operating infrastructure, sustaining natural resources, and stimulating economic growth, thus benefitting the welfare of the general public throughout.

“I would to thank the Lake County Commissioners for commemorating this day in Lake County as well as the GIS Board, Dave Phares and Ryan Barshick for their unwavering support since I arrived. This Department would not be where it is today without their knowledge, experience, and advocacy throughout the years. Lastly, I would like to thank the Lakeland Community College Geospatial Department for their invaluable partnership. GIS is a field in constant motion, and our collaboration with the College has helped us keep up as new technology develops. It is truly an honor to receive this recognition, and we are proud to be a part of Team Lake County,” said GIS Director Caroline Petersen. Please click here to read the entire press release. 

From the left: Commissioner John Plecnik, GIS Technician Ryan Barshick, GIS Director Caroline Petersen, GISP – Senior GIS Application Specialist David Phares, Commissioner Richard J. Regovich, Commission President John R. Hamercheck.