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NOPEC Transitioning Electric Customers Back to Utility’s Price to Compare

Utility customers across the nation have been seeing higher bills as energy markets experience unprecedented inflation. NOPEC is not immune to this inflationary spike, putting current electricity prices in sharp contrast to the historically low pricing NOPEC customers have enjoyed over the past 20+ years. NOPEC and other retailer’s current electric rates are higher than the utility’s Price to Compare (PTC) because the utility’s rate was determined largely in auctions conducted prior to April 2022, when energy prices were considerably lower.

To allow customers to take advantage of the utility’s currently lower monthly rate, NOPEC is temporarily transitioning all its electric aggregation customers currently enrolled in the Standard Program Price electric program back to the utility default service. As a result, NOPEC customers’ electric generation rates are expected to be substantially below the forecasted market prices through the remainder of this year and into the Spring of 2023.

NOPEC electric customers do not have to do anything to start getting the lower rates. No phone call is needed. Customers will not be charged any fee to transfer. 

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