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Lake County Public Safety Center Project Is Set to Begin


PAINESVILLE, Ohio, June 3, 2022– The Board of Lake County Commissioners signed the contract to begin a programming study for the Lake County Public Safety Center with HOK. The HOK team will work with key stakeholders to determine existing conditions, needs, and future forecasts with Lake County.

“Safety and law enforcement are a top priority for the County Commissioners,” said Commission President John R. Hamercheck. “It is important our county has a facility to meet our long-term needs over the next 50 years.  This project has been contemplated for over 10 years, and with the support of Sheriff Frank Leonbruno and the Lake County Corrections Board, we are excited for this next phase of the public safety center project to begin.”

A criminal justice system is the single most complex and perhaps most impactful program a county operates. A properly functioning justice system provides wide-ranging benefits to the community and contributes to Lake County being a vibrant and sustainable place to live and work, and does so in a cost-effective manner.  Please click here to view the entire press release.