Recent Efforts by Treasurer’s Office in Regards to Tax Collection

Recent Efforts Conducted by Lake County Treasurer’s Office in Regards to Tax Collection

The Lake County Treasurer’s Office is reporting that, as of this year, they have already contacted delinquent taxpayers for the first half collection period. In the past, delinquent taxpayers were not contacted until after the second half of collection.

In addition to working with the Lake County Information Technology Department for assistance in collecting taxpayer contact information, Treasurer Mike Zuren spoke with Treasurers in other Ohio counties to garner knowledge of their processes. “Taking a proactive approach to assisting delinquent homeowners with options and grant programs has significantly increased tax collections. The Lake County Treasurer’s Office is here to help residents who are facing financial difficulties. We offer a variety of repayment options and diligently strive to share grant program information with homeowners,” stated Zuren. He explained how repayment options were offered to those individuals along with information regarding various grant programs that are available

“Treasurer Zuren’s initiative is a bold and worthy endeavor,” said Commission President John R. Hamercheck. “His resourcefulness and efforts are helping to reduce delinquency and increase tax dollar collections for the benefit of Lake County and its residents.” Please click here to read the entire press release.