County Commissioners Provide Additional Resources to the Prosecutor’s Office

The Lake County Commissioners recently approved a request for additional prosecutors and staff for the Lake County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, which represents an additional investment of approximately $250,000 per budget year. The request was submitted during the 2022 budget hearings conducted in February, where County Prosecutor Charles E. Coulson requested two additional Assistant Prosecutors, one Legal Secretary, and one Victim’s Advocate.

“Today’s announcement by the Board to increase funding for the County Prosecutor’s Office shows their commitment to public safety and support for law enforcement. The Prosecutor’s Office has experienced its highest caseload ever. Additionally, due to increases in technology and new multiple sources of evidence the complexity and the difficulty in prosecuting each case have increased. And most, unfortunately, there has been a significant increase in criminal violence and the use of firearms. Commissioner John Plecnik has been an advocate and supporter of my office and instrumental in recognizing our budgetary needs. The additional prosecutors, a secretary, and a victim advocate are important to keeping Lake County safe. I also want to acknowledge appreciation for Commissioner President Hamercheck and Commissioner Young for this unanimous support of my office,” said Prosecutor Coulson. Please click here to view the entire press release.

Commissioner John Plecnik and Prosecutor Charles Coulson discussed current issues with Lake County’s victim’s advocates.