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Board of Commissioners Announce Facebook Page


The Lake County Board of Commissioners is excited to announce our Lake County, Ohio official Facebook page ( @lakecountyohiousa ). This page will be used to communicate to citizens the programs and services offered by the County and general news and updates from the Commissioners’ Office. “Having a more visible social media presence in 2022 is vital to serving our citizens to the best of our abilities, and I encourage all the citizens of Lake County to follow the page,” stated Commissioner John Plecnik. Initially, the page will be used to showcase the Emergency Rental Assistance Program but will expand to showcase all of the programs and services offered to Lake County residents over time. “I look forward to showcasing the work of our staff through social media and expanding access to the programs the County provides to our citizens,” stated Commissioner John Hamercheck. Commissioner Ron Young added, “I want to thank my colleague, Commissioner Plecnik, and staff for taking up the mantle on this initiative. I look forward to our office using social media to modernize the County’s service delivery model moving forward.”