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Board Approves Petit and Grand Jurors Compensation Increase


The judges of the General Division of the Lake County Court of Common Pleas reached out to the Lake County Board of Commissioners for approval of a resolution to raise the per diem compensation of petit and grand jurors from the current rate of $15 per day to a new rate of $25 per day.

“Jury duty is one of the most important civic responsibilities someone can perform,” stated Commission President John R. Hamercheck, “and with the role of a juror being so vital to our system of justice, it was an easy decision to approve the court’s request for an increase,” he continued.

The Ohio Revised Code, Sections 2939.04 and 2313.22(A), authorizes Boards to fix compensation for jury service payable out of the county treasury, and the resolution was unanimously approved at the April 7th meeting of the Board of Commissioners.

Judge Eugene Lucci, the administrative judge of the court, stated that “although jury service is both a legal obligation and a civic duty required by our American republican system of government, raising the fees is only a small gesture of appreciation for the necessary sacrifice provided by jurors.” Please click here to read the entire news release.