Third Township Accepts Lake County COPS Grant

The Board of Lake County Commissioners approved the third COPS grant at their November 23, 2021 meeting.  The Concord Township Trustees approved the contract on November 17, 2021 becoming the third township in the Sheriff’s patrol area to take advantage of this localized grant program. Concord will be hiring one (1) new deputy in a contract with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.   Additionally, they will accept an additional deputy sheriff paid for by the Commissioners to add to local patrol in Concord Township.

With the assistance of Clerk of Courts Faith Andrews, the Commissioners created the program to help immediately fund increased Sheriff’s Deputies in the townships by offering to provide a second deputy for every deputy added to current policing contracts.  

“As with Perry and Painesville, I want to thank Concord Township for participating in the COPS grant and providing increased patrol in their ever-growing community,” said Commission President John R. Hamercheck.

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