Commissioners Announce High School Tech Internship Pilot Program

The Lake County Board of Commissioners is excited to announce our partnership with the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation to participate in the High School Tech Internship Pilot Program. The State is encouraging businesses to hire high school students or recent graduates to tech internships while, also, providing partial reimbursement of the costs for employers. “Partnering with the Governor’s Workforce Team and Auburn Career Center to host these interns over the summer shows the commitment of Lake County to collaborate in the expansion and enrichment of our local workforce,” stated Commissioner John Hamercheck. In the pilot program, Auburn Career Center and a dozen other pilot sites will place a total of 100 interns over the summer. “Workforce development starts at home, and incentivizing our local, brilliant, students to intern here and potentially take jobs here is the foundation of moving Lake County out of the pandemic and into a stage of further economic growth,” stated Commissioner John Plecnik. Commissioner Ron Young applauded the efforts of all organizations involved in the Pilot Program. “We are very proud of the work our Auburn Career Center has done to bring this opportunity to participate in the Pilot Program to Lake County. The partnership will only strengthen our economy and retain our home-grown talent to our workforce where we not only have great jobs but affordable housing and amenities that are second to none.”

The Lake County Telecommunications Department will host the interns over the summer focusing their work, alongside County Technicians, on IP-based cameras, card reader systems, telephones, radios, and security systems. “I applaud the Lake County Commissioners in their decision to hire these two young men and will do my best to help them learn while they work for Lake County. I, also, would like to recognize Brian Bontempo, Superintendent, and Michelle Rodewald, Director of Adult Workforce, at Auburn Career Center for their efforts to continue to lead Ohio in educating our young adults and preparing them for the workforce,” stated Paul Stefanko, Director of the Lake County Telecommunications Department.

From the left: Commissioner John Plecnik, Lake County Telecommunications Department Director Paul Stefanko, High School Intern Devin Donley, High School Intern Michael Moorehead, Commissioner John Hamercheck, and Commissioner Ron Young.