Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Fairport Harbor Historical Society

WHEREAS, this recognition is presented in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Fairport Harbor Historical Society; and

WHEREAS, organized on March 2, 1945, with 150 founding members, the society was up and running, and by March 17, 1945, the Fairport Harbor Historical Society was formally incorporated under Ohio law.  The society is an all-volunteer organization that operates and maintains the Marine Museum, founded in 1945, and the nearly 150-year-old lighthouse; and

WHEREAS, the Fairport Harbor Historical Society is devoted to preserving and perpetuating the historic tradition of Fairport Harbor and the Great Lakes area. The museum houses a number of artifacts pertaining to life on the Great Lakes and other maritime exhibits. The Society published books and compiled images of the rich maritime history featuring historical landmarks, the people, the fishermen, shipbuilders, and railroad workers who built one of the most picturesque harbor towns on the Lake Erie shores. Fairport Harbor was once a gateway to the Western Reserve, welcoming more ships to its shores than Cleveland. These ships brought immigrants who saw the harbor’s lighthouse as a beacon for freedom, hope, and opportunity.  The Fairport Harbor Historical Society maintains the history, culture, and spirit that has been successfully preserved for so many years and will be reflected upon with great pride.

NOW THEREFORE, we, the Board of Commissioners, in and for Lake County, Ohio, commends The Fairport Harbor Historical Society on achieving this historic 75-year milestone. We extend sincere wishes to all the citizens, volunteers, and leaders continuing to sustain its legacy by creating and preserving wonderful memories for many generations to come.