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Public Records Requests

Thank You for Visiting the Public Records Page!

Our hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (We are closed every Federal Holiday)


Many public records can be accessed by the public for free through our public case search website.  This website allows you to search for cases from 1990 to present, and view document images from 2017 to present. Any document images may be printed, free of charge. Images are not available for Domestic Relations (divorce and dissolution) cases. A file request must be made for copies of these case types.


If you require a document that cannot be viewed through our public case search website, or if you require a certified copy of a document, then you can send a copy request to our email: [email protected]. Non-certified copies can be emailed as a PDF, free of charge. Certified copies, or physical, non-certified copies, cost $0.10 per page and $1.00 per certification, plus postage, if mailed. We will send you a detailed invoice once your copy has been prepared. Mailed copies will be mailed upon receipt of payment. In the body of your email, please provide the case number and the documents you require. If you do not have the case number for a divorce or dissolution case, please provide the married first and last names of both parties involved, as well as the year of the case.