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Meet the Clerk

Clerk Andrews believes in Equal Justice Under the Law (NO two-tier system of justice) and Access to Justice for All! She has over a decade of legal experience in the specialty practice areas of legal malpractice, medical malpractice, complex commercial litigation, and workers compensation defense.

Clerk Andrews’ other private sector experience includes working for CEOs of Fortune 500 companies enables her to run the Legal and Title Divisions of the Clerk of Courts like a business, complete with substantial budgetary controls. Local government most directly impacts the people, and Clerk Andrews’ plans include lessening the burden of the Lake County taxpayer by improving the functional efficiency of the Clerk’s office through technology and process improvements.

While the Clerk has a symbiotic relationship with the Court, there is no question that Clerk Andrews is a public servant first and foremost…she works for the people and fiercely defends the separation of powers as defined in the Ohio Revised Code.