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Information and Procedure

In rare circumstances, a minor guardianship may be necessary for situations in which a minor needs a legal guardian due to circumstances where the minor’s parents are deceased or otherwise unable to care for the child. Our Court will not accept for filing any application for guardianship of a minor where the sole or primary purpose of the proposed guardianship is to establish residency for the minor to enroll in school or for the purposes of transferring physical custody of a minor from a parent to any other person.

Custody for these purposes is a matter that must be submitted to and determined by the Juvenile Court or Domestic Relations Court. A minor guardianship for Estate purposes must be established in Probate Court when a minor has received $25,000 or more. For more information on Minor Guardianships please refer to Lake County Local Rule 66.10 and 67, and R.C. 2111.03(C)


  • Application for Appointment of Guardian of Minor (LCPC Form 16.10) with filing fee
  • Affidavit (Form 16.1A) If applicable
  • Photocopy of the Minor’s birth certificate
  • Next of Kin of Proposed Ward (Form 15.0)
  • Notice/Consent: All parties listed on the Next of Kin of Proposed Ward (Form 15.0), who are Ohio Residents, age 18 or older, must either Consent (Form 15.1) or be served Notice of the Hearing.
    • Notice of Hearing on Application for Appointment of Guardian of Minor to Parent, Known Next of Kin, and Person Having Custody (Form 16.4) If applicable
    • Waiver of Notice and Consent (Form 15.1) IF applicable
  • Selection of Guardian of Minor over Fourteen Years of Age (Form 16.2) If applicable
  • The proposed guardian is required to submit a BCI background check within five (5) days of filing the Application. 
    • See Local Rule 66.05 (A) for requirement (LCPC Form 17.11)
    • If an Applicant has not been a resident of Ohio continuously for the last five years, the Applicant also must obtain an FBI criminal records check
    • ESC of the Western Reserve,
      8221 Auburn Road
      Concord Twp., Ohio 44077 
    • **You must schedule an appointment # 440-350-2563, ext. 788
  • Oath of Guardian (Form 15.9)
  • Fiduciary’s Acceptance (Form 15.2)
  • Guardian Receipt of Handbook (LCPC 27.12)


Initial Deposit ( Cash / Check / Money Order Only) $150.00

All forms can be mailed to:
Lake County Probate Court
P.O. Box 490
Painesville, Ohio 44077

Initial Minor Packet

Checklist-Initial Guardianship of Minor 
Checklist and Packet Minor Guardianship $150 FILING FEE
Role as Guardian Handbook 
Contact Information Form 


Checklist and Packet- Guardian’s Inventory$20 FILING FEE
Guardian’s Inventory 
LCPC Form 15.11 Application to Extend Time to File Guardian’s Inventory$5 FILING FEE

Guardian’s Account

Checklist-Guardian’s Account 
Checklist and Packet- Guardian’s Account CALL FOR COST DUE
Checklist and Packet- Guardian’s Account with Fees CALL FOR COST DUE
Guardian’s Account 
Guardian’s Account with Computations of Fees Attached  
For 13.3A Certificate/Waiver on Account 
Computation of Guardian Fees (Form 15.15) 
LCPC Form 15.12 Application to Extend Time to File Guardian’s Account$5 FILING FEE

Additional Forms

Checklist-Minor Guardianship 
LCPC Form 16.10 Application for Appointment of Guardian (Minor) 
Form 16.1A Affidavit 
Form 15.0 Next of Kin of Proposed Ward 
Form 15.1 Waiver of Notice and Consent 
Form 16.2 Selection of Guardian by Minor Over Fourteen Years of Age  
Form 15.2 Fiduciary’s Acceptance 
Form 15.9 Oath of Guardian 
Role as Guardian Handbook 
Form 15.6 Application to Release Funds to Guardian$10.00 Filing Fee
Form 15.7 Application to Authority to Expend Funds$20.00 Filing Fee
Form 22.3 Verification of Receipt and Deposit 
Criminal Background Check Procedure 
LCPC Form 17.11 Consent to Webcheck Criminal Background Check 
Form 27.12 Receipt of Booklet 
Form 27.9 Application to Terminate Guardianship$10.00 Filing Fee
Form 28.0 Motion by Guardian for Real Estate Sale by Consent 
LCPC Form 15.18 Consent to Power to Sell Real Estate