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Lake County, Ohio - Board of Elections

Absentee Voting Information


Would you like to Request an Absentee Ballot?
- Print and complete an Absentee Application.
- No printer, No problem. 
We will gladly mail you a form. Simply call 440-350-2700.

    Where is my Absentee Ballot?
    Click the link above to review what step in the process your Absentee Ballot is in.

    Click on the link above to create labels for regular and UOCAVA voters who have requested an Absentee Ballot.


    Abbreviations and Code Sheet for Lake County Communities








    Q:  Who can vote an Absentee Ballot?
    A:  Anyone who is a registered voter. You do not need to have a specific reason.

    Q:  How do I request an Absentee Ballot?
    A:  A separate Application must be completed for each Election. You can obtain an Application   by clicking on the link above and printing the Application or by calling our office and we will mail you an Application.

    Q:  Can I fax or email the application?
    A:  Only Military voters have the opportunity to fax and/or email their application. All Non-Military voters must submit their application by either mailing the form or bringing the form to our office. By law, we are required to have an original signature.

    Q:  When does Absentee voting begin?
    A:  Absentee voting begins 45 days before an Election for Military and/or Civilians Overseas. Absentee voting begins 29 days before an Election for all state-side.

    Q:  Can I come to your office to vote an absentee ballot?
    A:  In most elections, yes; however, for the 2020 Primary Election only voters with qualifying disabilities, voters who do not regularly receive mail at their home and voters who properly requested an absentee ballot but did not receive their ballot may vote in-person on April 28.

    Q: When do the absentee ballots need to be back to your office?
    A:  If you are planning to mail the ballot back, then it must be post-marked by the day before the election. If you are planning to bring the ballot back to our office then it must be in the office by 7:30 P.M. Election Day.

    Q:  Can I just take my ballot to my polling location on Election Day and drop it off?
    A:  No. An Absentee Ballot can not be accepted at any of the Polling Locations on Election Day.

    Q:  How much is the return postage to mail the ballot back?

    A:  With postage rates changing, it is best to call the office to get the correct postage amount. The other option is to take the ballot to the Post Office and have them meter the postage for you.

    Q:  How often do I have to complete an absentee ballot application?
    A:  A separate application must be completed for each election that you wish to receive a ballot. For example, if there is an election in May and November, then you must complete a separate application for May and November.

    Q:  What if I will be temporarily away during the time of voting?
    A:  No problem. Complete the absentee ballot application and put your away address in the area provided for mailing address. That way you can receive your ballot at your away address and still participate in the election.


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