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Lost and Found

Lost Dogs

If you found a dog wearing a current Lake County dog license please call us during business hours at (440)350-2640.  After hours, please call your local non-emergency law enforcement agency for information.

A log is kept of each incoming dog including a description of where it was found.  This is updated and sent to our local newspaper each business day and we compare lost and found reports throughout the day in order to reunite pets with their owners.  Please contact us with your dog’s information including age, size, colors, hair length, possible breed mix, and a description of its collar and tags.  We can receive lost dog information via email and all photographs help us with identification.

The Shelter maintains a bulletin board where lost and found notices and fliers can be placed.  Animal descriptions vary from person to person, collars can come off or be changed or removed, and dogs can get rides to other areas, so it is very important that dog owners physically go to local shelters to check if their pet is there! 

Please let us know when your dog is found so we can remove it from our list, thank you!