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Information and Procedure 

Initial Deposit ( Cash / Check / Money Order) $67.00

  • Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Statement of the Examining Physican
  • Narrative Statement
  • Application to Settle a Minor’s Claim (Form 22.0) with filing fee
  • Waiver and Consent to Settle Minor’s Claim (Form 22.1)
  • Entry Approving Settlement of a Minor’s Claim (Form 22.2)
  • Verification of Receipt and Deposit (Due 30 days after Entry is filed)
  • Report of Distribution and Entry Minor’s Claim (Due 30 dyas after Entry is filed)
  • Application for Appointment of Guardian of Minor (LCPC Form 16.10)
    • Minor receiving over $25,000.00

All forms can be mailed to:
Lake County Probate Court
P.O. Box 490
Painesville, Ohio 44077

Initial Minor’s Settlement Packet

Initial Settlement of Minor’s Claim Packet 


Form 22.0 App to Settle Minor’s Claim 
Form 22.1 Waiver and Consent to Settle Claim 
Form 22.2 Entry Approving Settlement Claim 
Form 22.3 Verification of Receipt and Deposit 
Form 22.4 Report of Distribution and Entry