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Report a Road Problem If your request is related to a road hazard that needs immediate attention, please call the Lake County Engineer’s Office at (440) 350-2770. 

If your request needs immediate attention while our office is closed, please contact the Lake County Sheriff at (440) 350-5500 or 911. The Lake County Engineer’s Department provides services on county-maintained roads such as: Filling Potholes
Drainage Culvert Cleaning and Repair
Guardrail Repair
Animal, Tree and Debris Removal from Roadway
Berm Repair The Lake County Engineer does not perform maintenance within city limits except for bridges (10’ span or greater) within Lake County. Click here to see a list of county-maintained roads. Create a work order request to report a road problem.  Requests submitted online will be reviewed within 72 hours. Please be sure to include the following in your request:

  • First and Last Name
  • Day time phone number
  • Address, street name or intersection where work is needed (please provide a physical address if available)
  • Township/City  
  • Details of the problem