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Lake County Township Major Subdivisions

Major Subdivision Process:  includes the reviewing of new roads and sublots by the Lake County Planning Commission in the unincorporated areas of Lake County. This process is described in the Lake County Subdivision Regulations which were adopted by the Board of County Commissioners through ORC 711.10.

Major Subdivision Review Process:  also includes a review from various agencies and comments from the public during the preliminary plan review and the final plat review process.                                                                                                                             

The Lake County Planning Commission has the authority to approve or disapprove subdivisions at their monthly meeting, which is usually the last Tuesday of the month.   Subdivision comments or questions contact: [email protected]


Developer, Surveyor/Engineer Submission Dates and Times

Subdivision Fee Schedule

Lake County, Ohio


Major Subdivisions:
Preliminary Plan1 to 20 Sublots$1000 Plus $25 Per           Sublot
Preliminary Plan21 + Sublots$1200 Plus $35 Per           Sublot
Preliminary PlanResubmission$600**
Final Plat1 to 15 Sublots$1000
Final Plat16 to 30 Sublots$1500
Final Plat31 to 50 Sublots$2000
Final Plat51 to 100 Sublots$2000 Plus $25 Per Sublot
Final Plat101 + Sublots$2000 Plus $50 Per           Sublot
Final PlatResubmission$1000**
Resubdivision Plat 1 to 15 Lots$170 Plus $55 Per Lot
Resubdivision Plat> 15 LotsSame fee as Final Plat       of equal lots.
Subdivision RegulationsVariance$300
*Extension Fee$300*
Minor Subdivisions:
Lot Split$100 Per Lot
Large Lot Division$100 Per Lot
Property Division$100 Per Lot
Acreage Transfer$100
Lot Line Adjustment$100
Lot Split Variance$100

*Change adopted on September 25, 2012 by the Lake County Planning Commission.

** Any plan that is tabled and needs further study by staff, will be considered to be a resubmission of a preliminary plan or final plat and charged accordingly.

Lake County Subdivision Regulations

You may purchase a hard copy of the Lake County Subidivison Regulations for $15.00 at the Lake County Planning Commission Office at 105 Main Street, Painesville, Ohio  44077.  If you request a copy to be mailed to you, postage charges will be added.  Upon the receipt of your payment, the Lake County Subdivision Regulations will be mailed to you.

(Please click on the picture below.)  

Lake County Township Major Subdivision Flow Charts & Application Forms

Below is a check list for a subdivider to use to keep a running record of the status of a subdivision throughout its application and filing processes.  (Please note that this form is recommended to be used only as a guide. If it contradicts the Lake County, Ohio Subdivision Regulations, the Regulations shall be followed.)

Subdivider Check List

Major Subdivision Application Forms:


Preliminary Plan

Final Plat


For your information, we have provided the following Flow Charts showing the application and filing processes of subdivision pre-applications, preliminary plans, and final plats: 

Pre-Application Process

Preliminary Plan Process

Final Plat Process