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RFP questions will be posted here until September 8th. If you have a question please email [email protected].  Answers will be posted below as they come:

Questions & Answers:

Q:Is there a bidder’s conference for this RFP?

A: There is not a bidder’s conference for this RFP, but we will answer all questions submitted until noon EST on September 7, 2021.

Q: For the monthly process monitoring portion of programming, will the contractor be expected to send a report of follow up progress on each client referred to JFS monthly or quarterly?  Or is this something JFS can review using updates in dictation in the Ohio Benefits System?

A: Monthly monitoring would be expected to be documented using a 1 page template and Ohio Benefit journal notes.

Q: When will the OMJ computer lab reopen, and are clients still required to participant in Supervised Job Search?

A: The OMJ lab is open.  Supervised  job search is still required for some participants, but the OMJ lab is not the only supervised method.

Q: If possible, will there be space made available at Lake JFS to conduct face-to-face meetings for clients that need assistance with barriers, activities, or case management?

A: Yes, contractors will still have office space.  Face to face meetings/appraisals may still be required as requested.

Q: What is the plan for employees to come back into JFS, will it be full time, hybrid, work from home, or within our own agency office?

A: Currently JFS employees are returning to the office using a hybrid work schedule (in office 3 days a week).  Poor performing employees or new employees (less than 1 year of employment) are expected to be in the office 5 days a week.  Any employee eligible for the hybrid schedule may choose to work in the office 5 days a week.

Q: Will JFS provide space for clients to come in and complete work activities?

A: Other than using the OMJ site for activity related work, there would not be other spaces available.

Q: Can we refer clients to outside agencies to complete activities?  Can we make this mandatory and request sanction for those who do not comply?

A: Yes.

Q.  Will the building be open to drop off the finalized and signed proposal?  Should it be dropped off at the front desk?  How should we drop off the proposal during the pandemic?

A.  The building and the lobby are fully open between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM.  Please drop off your proposal at the front desk and request a receipt as you would typically do.