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RFP questions regarding the below proposal will be posted here until March 22nd. If you have a question please email [email protected]. Answers will be posted below as they come:


One-Stop Staffing


Questions & Answers

Q: How many employees currently work under (or will be anticipated to work under) this contract?

Q: Who are the present vendors?

Q: How many vendors will be awarded as a result of this solicitation?

Q: What are the current billable hourly rates or percentage mark-up rates?

Q: What were the hourly bill rates or percentage mark-up rates at the time of award?

Q: How much was spent (dollar value) on this service last year?

Q: How much is intended to be spent (dollar value) once the contract is awarded?

Q: Is there a Prevailing/Living wage requirement associated with this project?

Q: Are additional points awarded to firms who are or have Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) partners?

Q: May we attend the bid opening meeting in-person?

Q: Is this a new initiative? If not, please provide the names of the current vendor(s) providing the services.

Q: Can you please let us know the previous spending of this contract?

Q: Please confirm if we can get the proposals or pricing of the incumbent(s).

Q: Are there any pain points or issues with the current vendor(s)?

Q: Please confirm the anticipated number of awards.

Q: Please confirm if there are any local vendor preferences.

Q: Is there a cap on the amount of hours each youth will have available for paid work experience?

Q: What is included in the JFS method for calculating the unit rate? For example, is it the total program expense divided by staff hours = the unit rate?

Q: Can the dedicated program manager have a case load as well as manage the program? Or, are you looking for at least 4 dedicated staff for CCMEP including the program manager?

Q: In regard to the OhioWorksFirst (OWF) RFP, it talks about an employability assessment. Can you tell us what the current provider is using as an employability assessment or if Lake JFS has a current employability assessment that must be used.