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Former Lake County Prosecuting Attorneys

Each County in Ohio has a Prosecuting Attorney who is elected quadrennially. Since the establishment of Lake County in 1840, thirty-five attorneys have served as Lake County’s Prosecuting Attorney. Initially the term of office for Prosecuting Attorney was two years. Circa 1928, the General Assembly increased the term of office for the Prosecuting Attorney to four years.
William L. Perkins 1840-1840Homer Harper 1911-1914
C. Case 1840-1842George C. Von Beselor 1915-1918
Charles B. Smythe 1842-1844R. N. Whitcomb 1919-1920
Salmon B. Axtell 1844-1848Ralph M. Ostrander 1921-1922
William Matthews 1848-1853Morgan Giblin 1923-1924
Alva L. Tinker 1853-1857Seth Paulin 1925-1928
Charles J. Bomer 1857-1859J. Frank Pollock 1929-1932
William L. Perkins 1859-1863Howard U. Daniels 1933-1936
W. W. Nevison 1863-1867Lester W. Donaldson 1937-1948
Jerome B. Burrows 1867-1869Thomas J. Blakely 1949-1952
Alva L. Tinker 1869-1873John M. Parks 1953-1956
John W. Tyler 1873-1875Edward A. Ostrander 1957-1960
E. J. Sweeney 1875-1877Fred V. Skok 1961-1972
Lord Sterling 1877-1879Paul H. Mitrovich 1973-1976
Clinton D. Clark 1879-1886John E. Shoop 1977-1988
Homer Harper 1886-1895Steven C. LaTourette 1989-1994
Harry P. Bosworth 1895-1903Charles E. Coulson 1995-
E. F. Blakely 1904-1910