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The Lake County Prosecutor’s Office Administrative Staff members work in a variety of areas to provide critical support to all legal, scientific, and clerical support staff members. Administrative staff work closely with the Prosecuting Attorney to implement office-wide policies in a consistent fashion – the goal being to foster an attitude of team work and multi-divisional support to address work flow and personnel related issues and concerns.

Administrative staff prepare yearly budgets and fiscal reports and administers state and federal grant programs in the Prosecutor’s Office, and Victim Assistance Program and Crime Laboratory. Administrative staff work with other county officials, and state and federal agencies, to efficiently utilize public funding for all expenses, and in the acquisition of supplies, equipment and services.

The Systems Administrator maintains computer hardware and case management system software for all divisions of the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office, at three different building locations. Assistance is also provided to attorneys and scientists to prepare power point presentations for trial testimony and closing arguments.

The Investigators of the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office also assist the attorneys in preparing cases for trial. The Investigators locate evidence and witnesses, interview witnesses, serve subpoenas, and locate absent parents in child support cases. Investigator may also help with the confiscation of forfeited criminal property, and the handling of diversion programs.