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Payment Information

In Ohio, the Child Support Program is state supervised and county administered.

Lake County Child Support Payments And Contact Information

Employers Mail Payments to:

Ohio Child Support Payment Central

P.O. Box 182394
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2394

Employers can also set up ACH Debit or EFT/EDI payments at:

Individual Obligors Mail Payments to:

Ohio Child Support Payment Central

P.O. Box 182372
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2372

Checks and money orders must include Obligor’s name, social security number, docket number, and SETS case number.

Checking Account Debit

Payment by checking/savings account debit can be made at There is no charge for making online payments. Online payments can be scheduled as one-time only (non-recurring) or recurring.

Credit/Debit Card Payment

Obligors can make credit card payments by calling (1-888-965-2676) and selecting option 5 or visiting

There are no fees for credit cards payments.

Payments can also be made through and
Fees apply.  Please see their website for details.

Recoupment accounts can be paid on any site using the recoupment account number.

Moneygram Payments

Cash Payments through MONEYGRAM at:

CVS, Walmart, Marcs

State Code is 14674

Fees apply

(you can check online for locations near you at

Send Correspondence to:

Lake County Department of Job and Family Services
Child Support Enforcement Division

177 Main Street
Painesville, Ohio  44077

Voice Response Unit Payment Line: 1-800-860-2555

To view and print account information, go to

Child Support Customer Service Web Portal at: