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Commercial Building Packet

Fire Department Submittal Form

Temporary Tents / Canopies Packet

Obtaining a Commercial Building Permit

Inspection Requirements

Fee Schedules

Commercial Fuel Piping Pressure Acceptance Test Certificate

Ex. Refrigerant Declaration

Utilities Availability Form

Certificate of Occupancy Information

Storm Water Cites

Notice to General Contractors / Homeowners

If you are building in the areas listed below, you must contact the Lake County Engineer / Stormwater Management Department at:

550 Blackbrook, Painesville

(440) 350-2770

No building permits will be issued until the Engineer / Stormwater Management’s approval stamp is on the site plan.

Concord Township

Grand River Village

Leroy Township

Kirtland City

Kirtland Hills


Madison Township

Madison Village


Painesville Township

Perry Township

Perry Village

Timberlake Village

Willoughby Hills


Soil and Water Cites

Flood Tips

Retaining Wall Design