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Lake GIS Navigator Help

View the PDF documents and videos below to see how to use the tools available in LakeNavigator 3.0

Interface Overview Video (7 minutes)

Search  PDF | Video (1 minute) – Universal search tool to find parcels

Add Data – PDF | Video (2.5 minutes) Add public or your own data to the map

Basemap Gallery – PDF | Video (1 minute) Change the underlying basemap

Buffer – PDF | Video (3 minute) Select features within a set distance of another feature

Draw – PDF | Video (3.5 minutes) Place text and shapes on the map

Layer List – Control the visibility and characteristics of data layers

Legend – See the symbology of currently visible layers

Measurement – Measure area, distance, or a location on the map

Navigation – See how to easily move around the map

Near Me – Explore significant places around a given point

Print – Produce a map from the current view for download or printing

Public Notification – Create a list of labels from a parcel listing

Search Layers – Search the parcel and subdivision layers using specific criteria

Select – Create a subset of features to perform other operations on