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Dog Laws

Controlling Your Dog

The Ohio Revised Code specifies that all dogs must be kept confined to the owners’ property or under reasonable control at all times. This applies to all areas of Ohio, urban or rural. Municipalities may have additional regulations regarding dog control within their own areas, so we suggest you check with your local zoning department. This law was made as a courtesy to all citizens of the state for safety reasons. A dog owner is held responsible for both personal injury and property damage done by their dog.

Immunizing Your Dog Against Rabies

All dogs must be vaccinated against the rabies virus by a licensed veterinarian, according to a regulation of the Lake County General Health District. Call your Veterinarian for more information. Rabies can be contracted by any warm-blooded animal, including man, and is almost always fatal. Immunizing your pet help to prevent the spread of the disease.

Licensing Your Dog

 All dogs three months of age and older must be licensed immediately according to state law.  New dog licenses are sold    during the annual renewal period between  December 1 and January 31.  Dogs acquired after January 31 must be licensed immediately to avoid penalty fees.  Licensing is a requirement of Ohio law, and the current dog license attached to your dog’s collar will identify you as the owner should the dog become lost.  Anyone finding a dog with a license on it can call the Sheriff’s Department if our office is closed and get owner information.  You will be notified if your dog is actually impounded by the Dog Warden’s office and is wearing its current license. 

Dogs not wearing their current license are held only three days for reclamation.  Under Ohio law, each stray must be held for 72 hours prior to adoption, while dogs wearing current licenses are held for 14 days.  Every attempt is made to locate dog owners during holding periods, including the mailing of a certified letter to any owner of record of a dog wearing a valid Ohio license. 

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