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Lake County, Ohio - Telecommunications

Who Are We

    Who Are We?

    We are the Lake County Telecommunications Department and we are responsible for keeping the Lake County telephone, data and radio networks up and running 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. To accomplish these tasks we have a team of highly skilled employees with a diverse professional background and years of industry experience to provide a high level of service to our internal and external customers.

    We maintain the county-wide telephone system for over 48 departments and 3,000+ individual telephone sets, performing installations, upgrades and all adds, moves and changes within the system. Along with the voice network we also maintain 60+ T-1 circuits used within the county infrastructure for voice and data transports.  All wireless (mobile) 911 calls placed within Lake County are routed to our dispatch center which is supported by the Telecommunications Department along with calls placed through the E911 system for land-based emergency response calls. We also design, upgrade and support all security systems for multiple facilities within Lake County including the County Court House and Deepwood Center.

    We are also tasked with the design, implementation and support of the 800 MHz public safety radio network used for county-wide Police, Fire, EMS and school systems. There are currently about 3,200 radios in the system to support the emergency communication needs of Lake County. The Telecomm department is responsible for programming all of these radios and subsequent changes needed to support current and future public safety projects. The system used here in the county is P25 based (Project 25) and part of the larger MARCS (Multi-Agency Radio Communications System) covering the state of Ohio with 210 active tower sites. We maintain and upgrade hardware, software and infrastructure located at (5) radio tower and (8) microwave site locations throughout the county and surrounding areas. As part of emergency services we also support and service the siren warning system network of 50 sirens located throughout the county.

    Last, but not least, we provide security and phone services for the Lake County Jail. We maintain all door locking systems throughout the building, support and maintain a network of over 100 security cameras on the facilities and perform all electrical upgrades and maintenance on the facility. In addition we service and support a network of over 365 security swipe terminals, the building intercom system and maintenance of the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) used in support of the building.